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    🍃 Minterscan is maintained by two people. Supported by all community.

    Official explorer is stable and reliable as a hammer. Thanks for the Minter core team for this awesome tool. Guys, we are inspired by your work first.

    From our side we are trying to make a modern Minter blockchain explorer, which offers more convenient and relevant tools. Unlike the creators of Minter, we can afford some liberties like icons of crabs and whales. And this is great. We fully support all features of the official explorer: network status, all blocks and transactions pages, display details of any address etc.

    In addition, we developed a few tools: coin calculator, own validator rating, feature to see the full balance of the wallet, including the delegated coins, feature to see the minimum validator stake and find your position in the delegators list. We'd like also to mention the social experiments with the official support of the Minter team: Minter X and 10 BIP. We also proud to mention the Minter Whales channel, which keeps track of all major network transactions.

    The site and tools are and will be free. We also do not plan to insult our users with ads offering to buy something or play in casino.

    The first who support us were Evgeny Gordeev, Daniil Lashin, the Minter One validator team and an unknown person who sent us a large amount of BIP without any comments. The support of the Minter team in the person of Evgeny and Daniil was incredibly important and arrived just in time. Thank you for believed in us! Support from important network users in the face of the validator and the support of unknown people is equally important. It is not the amount that is important, but the fact that someone expressed his trust in us by sending a BIP. So we are doing something useful. And it is inspiring.

    If you are Minterscan user and it seems useful and convenient to you — support us with any amount:

    If Minterscan seems inconvenient to you and you want to suggest how to make it better — write to us directly in Telegram.

    And may the KARMA be with you 🙏

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