• The STILBON coin, based on the Minter blockchain, was created by the founder of the astrological resource June 14, 2019 on block 511767.
    Innovative use of STILBON cryptocurrency in science, culture and religion. Exchange of projects, ideas and technologies aimed for the earliest liberation of mankind from the shackles of the cash system.

    Founder STILBON
    The Creator of the coin STILBON Alisher Yulchiev, astrologer, traveller, Explorer. He is 45 years old, married, lives in the Indian Himalayas. Creates an informational field for the formation of residences/co-workings in the North and South of India.

    Coin features
    Name: STILBON
    Ticker: STILBON
    Initial emission: 9 999 999.00 STILBON
    Starting price: 0.0012 BIP
    Reserve: 5 999.00 BIP
    CRR: 52%

    The purpose of the Coin
    Popularization and integration of astrological services in the digital-economic space.
    Payment system for the international Association of non-commercial-creative potential (including all kinds of transactions for the transfer of art objects and intellectual property).
    The Foundation for the formation of scientific and esoteric community.
    Formation of a Fund to support progressive environmental projects.

    Stilbon coin integration
    Update design and usability of VGoroskope, development of API for connecting partners to Astro-services. Launch of the English site!
    Telegram Bot access to VGoroskope services.
    BHRIGU, as a revolutionary predictive blockchain platform. The priority direction is analysis of the astrological trends traditional and crypto markets, unique solutions for astrotrader.

    About the project
    Synthesis of scientific astrology, new technologies and a human.
    Astrological online services implemented by the method of the St. Petersburg Astrological Academy.


  • #Stilbon #Freedom #Crystal #Love #Peace

    Writing from the heart of the Himalayas.

    Working and creating in the valley of the Gods. Being traveling through different parts of the World, in a search of a place to find undestructed peace and harmony. Finally, the Himalaya opened up in all its harsh charm. Mountains open horizons, actually open eyes on the total truth of the present moment, show the difference between price and value. Himalaya are turning chaotic desires into a stable centered intention.

    Mountains establish dreams!

    Continuese stay on these lands calms the mind, focuses attention and directs to the source.

    We have returned to the origins of real human needs in everyday life. We go barefoot, eat organically grown, properly cooked food, bake bread, collect herbs for tea, dry mushrooms found in the forest, swim in hot springs and ice waterfalls, realize and stretch the body. And of course, we are in a deep connection with different branches of the digital space in the present moment. Understanding the full potential, that will find its disclosure in the closest future.

    Taking into account all the imperfections of the existing economic system, we have completely revised our attitude to such concept, as doing "BUSINESS". We have no more desire to create projects with focused attention on achieving profits, for which, all means are good.

    Now, using the Himalayan Foundation, every new step we make, is a reflection of the cause of life. The ideology of which, is based on the possibility of combining advanced digital formulas and social unifying environmental movement. Where, the resource and talent of each, is used in the most suitable gap.
    Where everyone, as well as us, wants to be able to make a valuable contribution to the development and improvement of the existing order of things in the world.

    The STILBON crypto-coin was created to set up healthy economic infrastructure, on the basis of the Minter blockchain (protected from speculation, 98% remain embedded within the system). The coin is aimed to unite the branches of culture, science and spirituality. The holders of this coin will have open access to the international community of people with similar interests and vision. That will allow to unite in consonant projects, to form residences/co-workings around the world, to exchange researches, to distribute the necessary information to the target audience.

    STILBONCOMMUNITY is looking for progressive-minded people who share the idea and are in love with the Himalayas to create an effective team of like-minded people.
    At the moment, each of the areas that we are developing are in the need of technical support (site administrator/developer, in one head).
    If you felt a deep magnetic response from this message, join (the first 1000 members will have special privileges in Air Drop), or write in private messages. We will answer all your questions if needed. We are looking forward to share our experience about quality and helthy eco-living in the Himalaya.

    Welcome to the self-creation of the present moment!
    Hari aum!

    P.S: To become a part of the project, you can buy a coin (for any amount) and delegate, or make a direct donation to the address (if you already have a wallet): Mxdf974ec7c461a6bb14187bab928e5c62dbf62c4c

    If not, you need to download the wallet, buy the base coin BIP and exchange it for STILBON.…
    Mbank Minter https://bip
    Automatic exchange

    Buy BIP via telegram.: OTC (buy only with guarantor)

    P.S.P.S: We are ready for independent and decisive actions aimed at improving the quality of life right now.

    Happy to share with you the ongoing innovations.
    The information will be updated.

    Let the Time work for you!

    Russian commmunity STILBON:

  • Search of Pool Partners to develop APIs

    The theme of the horoscope is one of TOPS in search queries in the network. Have work astrological service (, in the process of developing the English version (
    Pooling for those who are interested in applying the astro-predictive digital development to increase efficiency in daily life.

    Who can become a partner?

    • mobile operators
    • Internet TV
    • social networks
    • dating websites/ apps

    Comprehensive API (an example of one of the services gives the ability to configure the service quickly and efficiently, depending on the individual request.

    A feature of our API is that it is built according to the events algorithm formulas (method SPbAA), connection points between different astrocomponets and their impact on a person's reality.
    According to preliminary calculations, the amount with which we can start developing is equal to ten thousand USD, which will be used for programming and connecting the first partners.

    At the moment we do not have enough resources to start, so we appeal to you for support in investing for @STILBONCOIN.
    Address: Mxdf974ec7c461a6bb14187bab928e5c62dbf62c4c

    On the basis of the developed API, we see future services and mApps (app on

    • Minter zodiac (similar to crypto-cats)
    • Astrotrader (analysis of trends in traditional and crypto markets)
    • People search for compatibility
    • Calendar of health and beauty/business activity
    • Recruitment, staff/team analysis

    The business model of cooperation is under discussion.
    We invite all interested to the telegram group (, for further discussion and the formation of a range of stakeholders.

  • Official presentation of the STILBON mission!🙏🐬⛵️on!!!
    Creative version of the project presentation. Need feedback to improve the flow of information. Thanks in advance:

  • The famous investment portfolio Experiment 10 BIP chose as a purchase STILBON @experiment10bip

    Experiment 10 BIP this 166 day!

    Forgive us atheists, realists, agnostics, and the like skeptics.

    Today we have a purchase for many "strange".

    From themselves we say only, that any expression of human consciousness has place be in our World, and in this purchase our experiment as always interested in only one thing - That will, if invest every day on 10 BIP?

    Now, according to the creators of the token, because to be honest, we are not in the topic:

    • From the Greek stilbon - "brilliant, sparkling" - the name of the planet mercury, used in Greece in the Hellenistic period. Introduced by the Pythagoreans. The name "Stilbon" is due to the fact that mercury is only visible near the Sun in the morning or evening dawn and evokes associations with the spark flying away from a giant fire (the Sun).

    The purpose of STILBON is:

    • Association of all thinking representatives of mankind;

    • providing a cashless monetary system for communities;

    • creation of a progressive scientific and esoteric community;

    • connecting developers and Internet companies to API services;

    • create an astrobot in Telegram;

    • the coin will be used to pay for advertising of astrologers and partners of the site, exchange STILBON for domestic currency (loyalty points, airdrops),

    STILBON is the official infrastructure coin of the VGoroskope project based on the Minter blockchain. Synthesis of scientific astrology, the latest technologies and man. An innovative application of cryptocurrency aimed at uniting the branches of culture, science and spirituality. Holders of this coin will have access to an international community of similar interests and vision of people...

    Interesting? Further even more interesting 🙂

    And, what is quite interesting-the token has been in constant growth since its creation, with almost no failures, for five months X 3.33 (!)- maybe it's time to order horoscopes?

    For the first time we entered the astrology token-the Stilbon coin

    1 STILBON ≈ 0, 0.0037

    Updated portfolio

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